Crawley, West Sussex, UK

Hofmeister beer really is second to none, recently winning the best lager of 2017 award in the prestigious IWSC Beer Awards.

Hofmeister Helles is now independently owned by a small team of beer enthusiasts and is brewed in the heart of Bavaria by a 4th generation family brewery, one of only four certified slow brewers in this historical brewing region. Made according to the Reinheitsgebot German beer purity law, they use only three ingredients: mineral water, locally grown barley and Hallertau Hops. Hofmeister beer is lagered slower at zero degrees, for a fresh, crisp, award winning Helles lager with an ABV of 5%.

Hofmeister are on a mission to bring back this iconic brand. Follow their journey online and keep an eye out for Hofmeister coming soon to a pub near you.